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Selena started her beauty career during her junior year of high school, doing her friends makeup in the school hallway right before walking on stage to accept their class rings. From that day on it's all Selena ever wanted to pursue.

After High School Selena attended Paul Mitchell the school Miami where she graduated with Honors in Makeup, Student council leader, & a part of their Phase 2 program.  

Fast forward 6 years later, Selena is doing makeup for music videos, commercials, photoshoots & a handful of celebrities. The celebrity scene is fun & all, but not fulfilling enough. The hurry up & wait as well as not being appreciated wasn't her vibe. 

Her love for glam has always been constant, now she brings the celebrity experience to her beautiful Brides. Selena believes everyone deserve's their "Met Gala Moment".

Understanding that she can't possibly do all the Bride's in Miami & beyond, she mentors & trains Makeup Artist's from all walks of life. Hoping that her soft glam style can live on in other hands rather than just her own. 

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Miami, FL

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