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Terms & Conditions

+ $1000 Minimum for weekend weddings. 

+ $750 Minimum weekday weddings

+ Trials take place Tuesday - Thursday at our studio 10 AM - 5 PM

+ All travel will be charged travel fee based on location.

+ Travel fee does not include parking/valet.

+ Touch ups $150 p/h per stylist

+ 20% gratuity will be included to invoice

+Early bird/Night owl fee of $100 p/h per stylist will apply to any appointments/events before 8 AM & after 5pm

+ Holiday fee of $300 per stylist for weddings booked on a holiday.

+ Clients with above average amount &/or length of hair will incur $40-$65 additional charge.

+Application & styling of extensions will be a $50-$70 fee based on how much extra hair is added to hair style.

+ Blowdrying of hair will be charge $60-$90 additional charge