Wedding Day Emergency Kit Items

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Your wedding day is finally approaching, Im sure you're nervous. As someone who has never been married but has been a part of countless weddings and has seen it all I would like to offer one piece of advice. Be prepared, like newborn parents prepared because something will not go as planned and you will be very anxious and stressed.

I hate to sound so pessimistic but I promise I'm not exaggerating. Ive never worked a wedding where something didn't go wrong! Stains on dresses, hair getting ruined after the stylist leaves, someone breaking a zipper, someone doesn't have time to do their nails or brows. You name it I've seen it. Its like it happens, make sure you have a Wedding Day Emergency Kit.

Here's a list of 10 nonnegotiable's that need to be in your Wedding Day Emergency Kit.


Band-aids are the essential workers of this kit. They do the obvious first aid-kit stuff, but they made it to the list because band-aids have been so good to me.

I use them all over my toes and feet if my heels are uncomfortable which they always are. The heavy duty fabric waterproof type is the one you want in a skin tone color, you can thank me now.

They are also magic you forget to pack a bra! I do an X on my nipples and Im good to go. I have actually woken up many times after a drunk night or two to find X's on my boobs in the shower. If you're going to do this make sure not to put the band-aids on your bobs straight away, stick them to the back of your arm first then on your boobs. I know from experience how horrible it is to remove these from your lady bits.

2.Breath Mints

Im not in any means saying your breath stinks, But if it does stink I am going to tell my boyfriend your breath stunk and I will always associate you to not getting your routine cleanings and having a mouth full of cavities, like do you even switch out your tooth brush every three months?!

Im sorry I have a thing about teeth and gum health, it's very very important! but Im sure there are more people like me otherwise we wouldn't have things like breath mints!

Just have these on you, trust me.

3.Comfy Flats

No one likes a pata sucia, you'll end up as @onlyindade's donkey of the week.

4.Spare Charger

Your camera roll is going to fill up so quickly from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, thats not including all the congratulatory messages you'll be receiving, all the text messages you'll be sending about parking and one I never understood is why people bother the bride about stupid stuff the morning of her wedding (please stop doing this you're stressing out my brides)

You don't want to be without a charger, get a portable charger if you can they're great you can walk around with them!

5.Fashion Tape

Nip slips are so 2004.

6.Touch Up Powder

You're make up will not stay in perfect condition the whole night, Id be worried if it did. You will have to touch up at some point, I mean JLo doesn't have her make up artist following her around everywhere she goes for no reason.

If you're truly having fun you will sweat and need a matte pat down.


This is obvious, you knew you'd be kissing all night.


1. Scent memory is really a thing

2.I cant imagine leaving the house without perfume on.

This is just what it is.


God forbid you get cramps or a headache.

They also help kill a hang over head aches before it starts if you take them early enough.


Everyone parties however they please so you may really need these for red eyes. But my eyes get very dry and It is such a horrible feeling like your eyes need a shot of cucumber water.

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