Self-care plans after the quarantine.

Personally, Im not really hating on the quarantine.....Im doing my part, saving lives by staying inside and facing all of my different personalities. Ive been in my apartment for three whole weeks and honestly I feel like the days are long but the time is flying. I never realized I was so busy before the lock dock that I never gave importance to the things I actually needed to do.

In this time of major soul searching and watering the plants, I have embraced the natural simple version of myself while looking forward to the major glow up Im going to do after doing all this prep work. I feel like a brand new person on the inside and I really cant wait to match my exterior with my new interior.

Ive researched industry professionals in Miami who will put the life back into you. Keep scrolling for some prime time plug work.

1. Facial

Don't get me wrong my charcoal face mask and moisturizer have been good to me in this time when i've truly needed them, but there is nothing like a good freaking facial!

Sana Skin Studio is just the spot for any one who wants to feel aesthetically inspired while getting a minor skin tune up. Sana Skin believes in a more natural approach to skincare. You can find great clean skin care products to take home and maintain your facial as well. They really have thought of it so you don't have to.

2.Lash Lift

Believe it or not makeup is not a part of my everyday life even if Im actually getting out of my sweats and being social, Its just not my jam. But my lashes must always be up and ready to party so I can feel beautiful and like my best self - lash lifts are definitely one those services that is essential to my self care routine. Melina does insanely good eyelash extensions but they are a bit too much for a lazy minimal girl like me.....and that was actually a lie, Im actually very allergic to the glue so here we are now. Next.

Lash Society Miami really knows how to speak my love language and they always leave my lashes so beautiful my boyfriend actually notices.


Wow how have I gone two weeks without nails?! I am shooketh! For those of you who are new here... Hi, how are ya? here at the IDO crew we care about nail art like its no ones business. You can bet your sweet ass that Im going to the best of the best for nails when this is all over. Ive been locked in my very comfortable apartment with a beautiful view for way too long! I deserve a exquisite set of claws. Amen.

and for that reason Im going to Vanity Projects Miami


Ok I have a confession to make, Ive been quiet about this subject for too long because I was ashamed, scared to face what everyone would think of me. But it is now time that I finally come clean and truthful..... Ive been wearing tape in extensions for 10 months. yes... I am a freaking fraud. The cats out of the bag. Im sorry I have deceived you all into thinking I had all natural thick luscious hair, I cant help that Shelby does amazing things with her hands.

Here's the back story, two years ago I decided to chop all my hair off after bleaching it every other month to maintain vivid hair colors such as pink, purple & blue for 4 years. My locks had taken a huge shit.After the chop I figured it would be a good idea to grow out the bleached bits and live in my natural hair color which I had not seen since I was 13 years old ( no joke, not exaggerating )

I didn't think a full head of love and hiphop hair would be the best look for me, I just wanted to fill in the front and sides and keep my natural-ish color and Shelby delivered every time. She made the faux hair look so natural I started to believe that it was actually all mine. Insane right?

I would get maintenance done every 4-5 weeks and we would switch out the hair every 2-3 visits, between not touching my mane with heat, not using rubber bands and cutting off my frazzled ends my hair was finally growing. As my hair grew thicker Shelby would remove a couple extensions to ween me off of them because I had to be off of life support already and be my true self.

Here I am now coming to you as a woman... I am extension free and am loving life. Although I do need a trim as much as I need coffee in my morning i wont feed into my bad anxious habits of cutting my own hair. I will happily wait to see Shelby. I trust her with me eyes closed and my hands tied behind my back at this point.

Except my bangs, I will never stop cutting my own bangs.

5. Get poked

Wow Im really giving up all my secrets today. YES! I get botox once in a blue moon, sue me! There really is not much to say about it, I have some minor lines on my forehead that make me feel weird about myself so Limor from Hochstein Medspa gets rid of them for me and I love her for it.

At this point in my life I feel like I only need some forehead fix but I am happy knowing that she does amazing lips and fire everything else. Im not a fan of filler at the moment but only God knows what I'll be thinking about when I am no longer a spring chicken.

6. Have a trainer kick my ass

Working out is something I have always done in my every day life, being sexy is a pretty big deal for me. But after being permanently placed on the couch with an overflow of snacks just the thought of working out is so insanely laughable. I have never been so skinny flabby and not cute in my life.( slightly exaggerating )

I jump rope, squat, lunge, crunch, plank, Im trying everything but I need a real kick my ass, covered in sweat, high off pre-work out, vomit after and cant walk for days type of workout. Fanny does that to me every time we get together for a workout, she's a monster. She really makes me resent her when Im dying thru an exercise, she has no mercy you have no choice but to power through the set. The booty gains that make an appearance the next morning are so worth it.

Lets get one thing straight, I am not a Yogi I don't do yoga its never been my thing. But its so interesting how being home with nothing to do for weeks will get you to try out something new like following a yoga class on an Instagram live in your underwear. Thank goodness they cant see me because that would be so awkward. Although Im also probably doing it all wrong, I have been enjoying the intent and the mindfulness. I cant wait to go to Sol Yoga Florida after meeting their instructors via the inter-web, they make the classes really enjoyable so Im really excited to see what classes are like in person.

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