How to self care when life hits you hard.

I don't know about you but January hit me like a bus, imagine that scene in Mean Girls when Regina is yelling at Cadey about how no one likes her....then literally gets hit by a bus.

Thats exactly how January hit me. Do you ever just go through it so hard that you become numb to it all and nothing seems important anymore? then come to realize that you're a real life adult and still need to go to work, wash your hair, eat & socialize. Well thats me hi nice to meet you I'd love to tell you about how I get over the blues.

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1. Clean everything in sight. organize, throw away, rearrange, repurpose everything. Channel your inner Marie Kondo. This is not the time for clutter when you're going bonkers. Kim & Kanye have minimalistic decor in their home because they're lives are so hectic, you deserve the same.

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2. Rebrand. you're a new you, something major has happen you're never going to be the same person again, you can kiss her goodbye. You've flipped to the next chapter of your life where you don't (fill in the blank here) anymore. Cut your hair, change your clothes, it's time to one up the 2019 version of yourself.

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3. Try new skincare. You're not going to feel bad forever please remember that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger (I love Kanye leave me alone) you will come out clean on the other side. But use this dark side to your advantage, go to Sephora and ask for samples of all of the skincare goods you've been curious about and give them a test drive. I love testing skin care when I don't want to leave the house for weeks because if I get an allergic reaction who cares? no one is going to see you.

Let me know if you want to know what broke me out in hives and what I did to get rid of them.

4. Wax and shave everything. I let myself go and I felt like a million bucks after waxing my brows and shaving my face. I wax my own brows so I won't shun you for not doing your brows if you know you'll be your own worst nightmare, unibrow are in and I secretly wish I could grow one.

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5. Do something to your lashes. I cried a lot, like a lot a lot. My eyes always looked tired and dry (hence why I went searching for an eye cream) curling my lashes all the way until they looked fake with some waterproof mascara because well..I cried a lot, really helped me look alive again. I also started feeling pretty in turn making me feel better about myself and wanting to show my cuteness to the world. I need to get a lash lift soon tho!

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6. Go to the gym. There is nothing that makes me feel worse than not having 6 pack abs and a body that makes light skinned men look at you. I have let myself go and I'm just starting to force myself to workout, I'm actually going to a workout class tomorrow I am very nervous for. This is something I am still actively working on. let me know if you'd like an update.

7.Practice gratitude. This is something I learned last time I was depressed 4 years ago. I am so grateful ill literally cry right now. I don't feel angry ever because I'm to busy being grateful for everything.

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8. Journaling. In my case it's why I took on blogging, literally whats in my journal and blog topics are the same (sorry for all grammar errors - I didn't go to school). Letting it out and leaving it in the past makes me feel good. Also, looking back at what your thoughts were a year ago verses you today really shows you growth.

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9. Go on a date. Not a Netflix and chill. Put on some makeup, get cute and let someone take you out (I love you Brian) get drunk live your best freaking hot mess life.

10. Do it for someone else. My cousins husband asked me to recommend a hairstylist so he could make an appointment for her (side note: she just birthed my two nephews who I love so f***ing much). She's also not depressed I just love her so much.

What was suppose to be just a recommendation turned into a full on surprise glam day! She woke up and picked me up, I told her the itinerary for the day. Cut & style @ 10:00 am, shopping @ 11:30 am, lunch @ 1:00 pm, then glam @ 2:00 pm so she could go to dinner @ 6:00 pm. She wore the outfit I helped pick with the makeup I just did. ugh literally my heart was so freaking full!

I'm not trying to say that looks are everything but feeling your best and confident is!

I hope this helps someone that's going thru this as well.



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