How to make the most of your makeup trial.

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

So you're getting married, how freaking exciting! You've booked your venue, your glam squad & even got your dress. yay you! You're absolutely killing it. You have some ideas you're entertaining for your look but ultimately you need to talk to your artist. We get it, you may be confused and need to ask your beauty professional for some advice & opinions. If you don't want a trial I still love you no worries. But if you do you're in the right place. Here are a few ways to ensure your wedding makeup trial is as successful as possible!

Bring Photos

It’s important that when we meet for your trial that we both know the look you’re wanting, sometimes a brides explanation of her soft curls is actually old holly wood waves that is actually not soft at all. So bring inspirational pictures with you (preferably from our page) This will help speed up the process & avoid any confusion.

Make plans to go out

If one more bride comes to a trial & tells me that they have no plans to wear this amazing hair & makeup I slaved over I will lose my mind. Respect the glam & wear it out. Be beautiful & accept the complements. Ask a stranger what they think of your look. MAKE PLANS BEFORE YOU ARRIVE!

Wear your makeup as long as you can

Do not go to the gym or go home to remove your glam after your trial because you don't want your fiance to see it. You want to see how your look has evolved into the end of the night. This is major if you're testing out artists before booking .

Also, id like to let you know that yes the trial look is beautiful but there is a special wedding day magic that inspires an artist and God just comes into our hands on your day & the look is always SOOOO much better on your wedding day and God just comes into our hands on your day & the look is always SOOOO much better on your wedding day, so don't be afraid to wear your trial look in front of your fiance.

Ask for feedback

Hopefully you've made plans with your best pals & ask them for their honest opinion. Ask the friends that don't hold back. Remember this is the most photographed day of your life, these photos will be seen by your grandchildren & great grandchildren..... so there is no room for error.

GIVE honest feedback

In the rare occasion that you didn't love your hair or makeup but loved your artist, their vibe is great & they are reliable. Don't ghost them, thats rude. If you just let them know what your concerns are they will be more than happy to fix whatever you'd like.

It takes a few tries of doing someones makeup before getting it just right, so if you can start building an artistic relationship with your glam team I highly recommend getting your glam done a few times before your wedding. I have clients that after working with them for years I can do their look with no guidance & half asleep.

Keep an open mind

I understand that maybe you've always wanted that ultra dewy look with down curls but you're getting married in Miami during the hot summer months at an outdoor venue, that just wont work. Your artist may advise that you do something a little more matte & possibly a up-do. Please let your artist lead you in the right direction & create realistic expectations. We are invested in your look & the duration of how long it'll look good for.

Come correct

Make sure your skin is prepped & your facial hair is on check. We are not brow artists, pluck or wax before you arrive. If you're dry exfoliate & moisturize before you arrive. We may be able to do good work but we need your help as well. Proper skin care is super important for brides in order to ensure makeup goes on smoothly day of & at your makeup trial.

Please also have your hair clean & blowdried. Your hair does not need to be dirty, we have products that create grit & texture, theres no excuse to show up nasty.

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