How I cured my hormonal acne.

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

I had acne and it was bad, bueno at least to me it was. I didn't have any serious skin problems, just some prepubescent forehead pimples that weren't a big deal and the occasional zit that came with my monthly friend. Other than that my skin was perfect. Im not sure what happen, maybe I became a woman at 23 years old and that caused the outbreak? I have no clue why I got acne but I got it.

When it all started, who knows? all i remember was having acne everywhere below my eyeballs. Id wake up every morning and instantly touch my face to see if the bumps felt better, pero no every single day there was a new fresh pimple ready to ruin my life. It was a really tough time I felt very ugly, I would try to cover up my issues with foundation but it always looked like the back of a white chocolate bar (which was especially annoying because in real life I hate wearing makeup). I was unhappy with myself, I didn't want to leave the house and if I did I would cry about it.

I tried EVERYTHING! all my earnings went to fixing my acne but nothing worked, nothing nothing nothing at all. Thats when I decided enough is enough and made good use of my health insurance, I made my first appointment with a dermatologist.

My dermatologist is amazing, I started seeing her two years ago and to this day I still call her whenever anything pops up on my skin. She's super cool and takes her job seriously, she didn't make me feel vain about caring so much about my face. She listened to me and made me feel important, I cant recommend her enough.

Martin Dermatology PL

2645 SW 37th Ave Suite 505

Miami, Florida 33133

(305) 444-3376


Dr.Lucy started off by telling me to get on birth control. I have been taking Lo Loestrin® Fe since she advised me to get on it, it is the lowest dosage of estrogen so it makes you less crazy I believe.

I get my prescription thru NURX its great! if you have insurance your prescription cost $0 - $15 and they mail it right to you! they provide some forms of birth control to uninsured women for as little as $15 per month which is great because i've paid $200 for birth control before (not fun)


Dr. Lucy also put me on Spironolactone, its a prescription for acne, often used to treat hormonal acne for women. I started off by taking 100mg for three months a pill a day, Now I take 50mg a pill every other day. If you don't have insurance you can get a prescription from Apostrophe.


She prescribed me Differin Gel which is over the counter but super amazing. Because its a retinoid it also works as an anti aging treatment, so you can bet your sweet ass ill be using this for the rest of my life.

It is strong! you only need a pea sized amount and keep it away from your eyes and lips. This is sort of drying so make sure you're using a good moisturizer.

Im sure I don't have to tell you to use SPF but when you use this product you especially want to protect your face from the sun! its strong stuff and nothing to play with. I wear SPF just to hang around the house, if I step outside I wear SPF, sunglasses and a hat as directed by my dermatologist. The sun ages you so you want to avoid it anyways.

Because I trust this brand so much I started using their Daily Refreshing Cleanser, I figured I could double bag my skincare right? It works great! It makes me skin squeaky clean and really helps out with texture.


While fighting a battle with acne your skin may get dry so please do not forget to moisturize!

I love using The Dewy Skin Cream by Tatcha & Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer by Fresh

I can do a very in depth post about skin care, let me know if thats something you'd like to see.

Heres what my skin looks like now, I hope this has been informative to someone out there.

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