Engagement photo inspo that doesn't totally suck.

So you're getting married, congratulations!

Now you've gotta take engagement photos amongst many other things but you're afraid to end up with some super cheesy pics. Most couples wont even take engagement photos due to this reason alone. I understand, like really - when in the world did wedding photography become so cookie cutter Disney channel type ? If thats your style well then please don't read anymore, you can just exit now.

Imagine you - the cool, effortless, chic & creative bride spending all day taking photos and paying decent freaking money then getting back images that don't represent you and your Fiance's dynamic at all! Having to forever look at your grown up version of quince photos "the couples edition"

Im not a photographer so please do not eat me alive! I just know what I like, and its not what everyone is doing. I love weddings I mean duh obviously, but when did wedding photography get so lame? All editorial photographers i've spoken to about this topic have told me how much they despise wedding photography because its so cookie cutter, I get it.

I put together a mood board for the couples who are raw and don't give a F*** .

In real life this is what I think a real love story looks like. Its my personal taste. I hope you can take inspiration from the shots, poses, theme, outfits or aesthetics. Don't kill me for my opinions, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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