Bridal Glam Education

For Pro's looking to perfect their bridal glam style. 1:1 makeup classes taught by lead makeup artist, Selena.


If you're an artist who....

wants to book more consistent work

Watches countless tutorials but still cant figure it out

wants to feel confident with clients of all ages & skin types

leaves wedding jobs feeling defeated


student work


what you will learn

how to color match client

highlight & contour

artist preferred products

how to create a bulletproof look


important notes

Anyone can take this class

1-ON-1 Lessons are available for stylists of any level: beginner or advanced.

date & location

Lessons are held only on Wednesday's, Thursdays & Friday’s at my studio rental space located in Miami FL. Based on availability. 3-5 weeks in advance.

come prepared to learn

All lessons are demo & hands on. This means you will be able to recreate one of the hair looks as well as get portfolio photos.

What to bring

Must bring your own live model, your kit & brushes as well as a notebook.

How to book

All lessons are only reserved with a 50% deposit/agreement. Please fill out form below.


$800 hands on 1:1
3.5 hour class on how to perfect your bridal look. Feel confident to take on your wedding season.